Montale Black Aoud by Montale Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex Tester) 3.3 oz for Women

4.57 out of 5
8 review(s)
(8 customer reviews)

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8 reviews for Montale Black Aoud by Montale Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex Tester) 3.3 oz for Women

4.57 out of 5
8 review(s)
Based on 8 reviews
  1. 5 out of 5
    8 review(s)

    Michelle Lobenstein

    Here is the deal. It smells delicious after it chills out a bit. The first 30 minutes, it smells of intense scents trying to fight each other… but literally after 30 minutes, this velvety, vanilla mysterious musky scent arrives. It is like Chanel Chance on steroids. Definitely a scent for someone who enjoys a bolder scent. The undertones literally get better throughout the day! Authentic and smells terrific.Do not spray more than 2 squirts at a time. There is no need. Will purchase again ♡

  2. 5 out of 5
    8 review(s)

    Carnal Flower

    I smelled this in a magazine a while ago and made a mental note of WOW I really like this. So I got a gift card from work and decided to splurge. I have to say I’m glad I didn’t shell out my own cash. It’s a wonderful, unique scent but unfortunately I don’t like it ON my skin. Some perfumes are just like that; they just don’t blend with you personally. I admit it’s a totally personal thing. I wish it had been “softened” a bit with a mellow floral tone. The floral in this is a massive blast of pure orchid that is earthy, unfiltered, intense. I tend to like my florals gentler and delicious. Aside from that, it is mostly a spicy, musky scent which is usually not my cup of tea to wear. It’s described as an Oriental Chypre, not Oriental Floral for a reason Still, if you like to wear something like Opium you will love this. I do like it–it’s a very complex scent with many layers and it lasts all day. It’s unique. I wouldn’t call it beautiful rather overtly sexy. Five stars!

  3. 5 out of 5
    8 review(s)


    Definitely the real thing. (I searched how to tell the difference, plus the batch number comes back legit) I blind bought this. My only other experience with fragrance was the cheap $3 a bottle stuff, and this is great. Its a very dark scent that you will not like at first, but within a matter of minutes it will grow on you and you just want to wear the whole bottle.

  4. 5 out of 5
    8 review(s)

    J. Parduhn

    I purchased this as a gift for my girlfriend. She likes it. And I like it too. It seems to have a deeper blend of spices with just enough of floral in it to make you think about it. I don’t notice any of the lingering smell of the alcohol I find in other colognes / perfumes.This scent isn’t overpowering and you don’t need to use very much for it to work its magic. This would be suitable to wear around the office or upscale event. Even as a guy, I’ve worn this a couple times and I received compliments about it. So even with the “For Women” part in the title, it is solid enough for men to wear as well.I did purchase this direct from I didn’t want to take a chance of a poor quality item at these prices. While the pricing isn’t cheap. It’s still better than what Macy’s had listed it for.

  5. 5 out of 5
    8 review(s)

    J. L. Lankford

    I’m a guy but this scent is excellent. It’s a subtle warm but sweet scent. I really like it. Definitely will be wearing it.

  6. 3 out of 5
    8 review(s)

    A. Nash

    I…am a man. I have hair on my face, chest and admittedly a little on my back. I wear this scent and I get compliments all of the time…from women.I had a whiff of the men’s version of this and hated it. I tried this version and after several hours still enjoyed it; This is certainly a unisex fragrance even though it is marketed for women. The fragrance is very powerful, a little goes a long way, and lasts all day; I have even had it reactivate in the shower the next morning. It is not a subtle fragrance; people will know you are wearing “something” even if they are not right next to you. When I buy a premium fragrance, I want something that not only smells nice, but that also lasts a long time – bonus if people take notice in a positive way; this fragrance fit the bill.For perspective, some of the other fragrances I like for a night out are: Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille and YSL – La Nuit de l`Homme.

  7. 4 out of 5
    8 review(s)

    T. Kimmer

    I bought this without ever smelling it or trying it. I had read that it was a top scent for the year and had also remembered a beauty recommendation being positive — and I am so glad I tried it. It is a spicy scent that initially reminded me of Alien but it is it’s own scent. I do like to reapply later in the evening as the scent does seem to fade some, but then just when I think I can’t smell it, I get a hint of it from something that was sprayed earlier in the day or from the day before (like on my pillow). It is amazing…. love it, love it!

  8. 5 out of 5
    8 review(s)


    I can honestly say this perfume is pretty expensive and its the first perfume I have EVER bought at this high of a price , I wanted something special for my wedding day that’s taking place next month.Well after MONTHS of waiting to even smell this perfume I couldn’t wait any longer , I opened the package and was excited. I sprayed my chest and wrists with it and OMG it smells SO good , I have other perfumes like Vera Wang and Burberry but this one honestly beats them.Now I’m getting addicted to Tom Fords perfumes , If this one smells THIS good then I can only imagine how the others smell. My fiance REALLY liked it also on me , The only thing is it lasts for maybe an hour or so then the smell starts to go down a little . The smell is still there its just not as heavy as when you first spray it but all in all still worth every dime!.

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This fragrance was created by Pierre Montale as part of the Aoud Collection. He released this unisex fragrance in 2006. Both men and women will enjoy this woodsy floral musk scent.

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