Living Grace by Philosophy Eua De Toilette Spray 2 oz for Women

5.00 out of 5
9 review(s)
(9 customer reviews)

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9 reviews for Living Grace by Philosophy Eua De Toilette Spray 2 oz for Women

5.00 out of 5
9 review(s)
Based on 9 reviews
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  1. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)


    I got this as a late valentines gift and i absolutely love it, it’s completely different from what i usually wear, but it’s because it’s different and not a super sweet candy smell that i love it, it’s more refined and makes me feel dignified in a sexy way? at first it sits on my skin and gives a super sweet smell of roses and then as it warms up it smells more like vanilla, it’s beautiful. perfect gift <3

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  2. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)


    I got free larger-size samples of this when I worked for Kohl’s Corporate and it has been my scent ever since. Absolutely love the balance and that it’s not strictly floral or overpowering. And I get lots of compliments on how good I smell. I don’t see myself going with another perfume anytime soon.

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  3. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)


    The bottle is very classic and pretty looking. The fragrance smells soft, nice, not too strong, not overwhelming. A VERY feminine, pretty smell. You will not be disappointed. And the PRICE is amazing for this quality! I’m shocked that it smelled so nice & not “cheap” smelling. You WILL get compliments.

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  4. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)

    Daleen Rose

    oh wow such a wonderful scent …I spray it in the air just to smell it. not strong on the body but I am elderly..would imagine a youngerperson would have a great response to the scent. it does stay on my clothing. will buy again and again. very happy with this.

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  5. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)


    I read other reviews were people said the scent faded immediately. Maybe they are spraying the wrong places? The smell does fade eventually but you don’t want to be walking around choking people with your smell. So I guess if you like a more subtle scent, get this. If you like something heavier, don’t. I like it and it smells so fresh!

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  6. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)

    English Myst

    I have been using this product for several years. In fact, my grown daughters liked it so much that they to use it as a daily perfume. I like the green tea and pear (Embrace). It is very light and not overwhelming, kind of like wafting green tea and pears! It does not last all day so I often give myself a second spray later in the day to refresh the scent. Personal opinion: Think the name Embrace does not describe this scent. The name should reflect the natural aspects of this perfume.

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  7. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)


    Wow, this did not disappoint. The price was great, and the scent is perfect for me. I like citrus based perfumes, soft, sweet perfumes… To compare what I like, I like Pink by Gap, Daisy Marc Jacobs (the regular one , NOT ‘So Fresh’! aaack- way too strong ), Fresh ‘Hesperides’…. I don’t like any musk in my perfume, or thick flowery perfumes. I’ve gotten a few great tea perfumes and they are more green than this one, this one is mild and perfect. This isn’t green strong at all, it’s more sweet. Perfume is so hard to explain so that’s why I put in what I like for comparison. I’m so happy because I’m hard to please in perfumes, and I found another favorite!

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  8. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)

    🐱Mrs Kitty

    OMG! I love this body mist. At first when I first sprayed it on it kind of smelt like alcohol a little but then it settled into a great scent. It’s kind of funny because when I smell my arm it will smell rosy and then the next time I get a whiff of the vanilla. I don’t know about the bad reviews but mine is wonderful and last a while also with just a little. I don’t take a bath in it because I can’t wear a lot of perfumes because they make me nauseous. I have a vertigo disease and a lot of smells set it off but not this one. I’ve had it on for about 2 hour’s now and it smells just like when I first put it on. Lovely. It came sealed and well packaged also and arrived on time which I am a prime member. I don’t like getting things that’s not sealed because you don’t know if it’s been opened and messed with or not but as I said this had the seal you had to break to open. I like body mist better than the perfumes because they are lighter. But this one I may go ahead and get the perfume lol. I keep sniffing my arm and as I said it’s like it changes back and forth from rosy to vanilla rosy lol. I highly recommend especially if you like roses and vanilla and a soft scent. I have 4 other Vera Wang perfume’s and body mist and this one I think I like the best so far. OH I SMELL GOOD! LOL

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  9. 5 out of 5
    9 review(s)


    The fact that this perfume features iris was the major selling point for me to start off. This fragrance is very smooth, soft, almost dreamy floral. It’s classy and feminine without overpowering. It’s perfect for both day or night, and even though the scent is soft/smooth, it does last nearly all day. It’s one of those fragrances that is so different than other ones out there that you’ll feel uniquely you wearing this beautiful scent by Vera Wang. I love it!

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This fragrance was released in 2012. An exciting clean floral perfume with a little sweetness added in. A great choice if you like feeling like you just stepped out of the shower.

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